Jay – Guitar, Vocals

Jay was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Texas and now makes his home in Roseville, CA.

His interest in guitar started with a bang on February 9, 1964 when The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. Shortly after he made his first guitar from a tennis racquet complete with a strap made of string. A few months later and $5.00 lighter, he owned his first real guitar. Beginning in Junior High School, Jay started playing in bands throughout the Dallas – Ft. Worth, Texas area in different venues including the now legendary Cellar Club and Panther Hall. Since relocating to Roseville he has played many venues from small bars to a 10,000 plus crowd at Arco Arena.

A short list of the many guitarists who have been an influence include Chuck Berry, Johnny Winter, Duane Allman, Danny Gatton, Albert Lee, Brent Mason and Brad Paisley.


James – Bass, Guitar, 5 String Banjo, Vocals 

James started his music interest early when at 7 years his Dad bought him a guitar for his birthday. His Dad also bought one too, and they took lessons together. James always had a good ear for music at an early age, so in addition to playing guitar he picked up the 5 string Banjo while in High School. 

He always loved the Bass but bands always wanted him to play guitar. The Bass was in his soul to such a degree that he would mimic the Bass lines to different songs he heard. One night he started Playing Bass at a live show and picked it up very quickly. From there he would also play Bass in his local church where he gained a lot experience on Bass he says. 

James plays Bass in a unique way by tuning the low string to D (Drop D Tuning), instead of tuning to E which is the standard tuning that most Bass Players use. This gives Heartland Highway it’s unique Bass sound. 

Some of the bands he has performed in over the years are: Leather & Lace and he opened for Elvin Bishop before, and the last band he played in was the Rhythm Riders.


Sally – Keyboards, Vocals

Sally Humpherys is a versatile vocalist experienced in singing many different genres of music, including everything from Pop, Rock, and Country, to Opera. Since her first solo performance at the age of five and touring with her high school choral group and honor choirs in her youth, she has never stopped singing ever since.

Beginning in her late teens and early twenties, Sally sang lead, backup harmony, and played keyboard with several rock bands including Holcomb Brothers, Working Loose, and The Sanders Band. At one time she was asked to tour the Mediterranean with one group, Sally, instead, decided to accept a marriage proposal. Later, she also provided vocals and keyboard for the bands Sweet Rain, Down 49 and Rough Rider.

In addition to her musical talents, Sally landed key roles in musical theatre playing Queen Guinevere in Camelot, Maria in Two Rogers and Hammerstein productions of The Sound of Music, Dolly Tate in Annie Get Your Gun, Jennifer in Paint Your Wagon, and supporting lead roles in many other shows. She also produced, directed, and costarred in the R & H production of Cinderella and was the musical director of Come to Zion, an Auburn, California based original musical.

Sally has performed in several acapella quartets such as the Sometime Singers, Humpherys Harmony, and many women’s trios. In addition to this she sang with the Sierra College traveling Jazz Choir and has been a featured soloist at many sponsored events at Sierra College’s Rocklin Campus. She is also a long time member of Music in the Mountains where she has been featured in numerous solo’s and quartets, sang in the chorus, and at one time served as a member of their board of education. She has also performed as a soloist for fairs, weddings, and other events in Utah, the greater Sacramento, California area, Auburn and Nevada Counties also in California. 

Dedicated to her musical career, Sally, who graduated college with a degree in music, has spent more than twenty years directing adult, teens, and children’s choral programs, including children’s and high school award winning choirs. Along with playing several other instruments, she is currently providing lead and harmony vocals, and keyboards for Heartland Highway.


Glen – Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Glen has always had a love for music since he was born, but didn’t begin picking up the guitar until 13. After learning some basic chords, the 80’s rock scene began. It lit a fire inside him that has continually inspired Glen to play music and learn to sing. After many years of working with different bands and musicians, he finally found like-minded souls in Heartland Highway and a new spark of enthusiasm began.

Glen’s musical influences range from the likes of 80’s rock to 90’s country. Glen has always wanted to perform in more than just a ‘garage band’, and rather more of an ‘artist’ with stage presence, “Glenergy” (Glen’s own special brand of energy), charisma, passion, and to feel what the characters in the songs are feeling.

He has always been inspired by bands with harmonies like The Eagles as well as Lady Antebellum, but is also is inspired to play some really cool tunes that are catchy and fun. He also likes songs that speak to the heart,  are colorful, and that people can relate to. He likes to write his own songs too, and create diverse musical ideas with the instruments being the brushes, the chords being the paint, and the audience being the canvas.

Of his original songs, one has been critiqued from a Nashville songwriters guild, and another winning him 1st place in a local talent show, while beating out other well polished seasoned performers. Glen also finished 2nd place for two consecutive years in the 90’s as well. In addition he has had the pleasure of singing with Jim Wills and his band in Las Vegas, as well as singing with other outstanding talent in Helena, Montana, Sacramento, California, South Lake Tahoe, California and Auburn, California. Glen aims to provide a great show for all! 


Doug – Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Doug was 15 years old when he first started playing drums. He heard the Abbey Road Album by The Beatles, and noticed how good the drumming sounded on the Beatles song “Something“. The drumming style was very easy to play he thought, but the drumming and sound of the drums was what really caught his interest. He then discovered the unique drumming talent of Ringo Starr, and shortly after his father bought him his first drum kit. He ended up listening to all the Beatles songs he could find and focused on Ringo’s playing and style. Over the years he has been influenced by many other drummers such as Kenny Aronoff, John Bonham, Don Brewer, Doug Clifford, Al Jackson, and many others to long to list here.  

He started mainly playing rock music, but has expanded to many other styles and genres of music from all over the world.

Doug has played for the following bands/artist over the years but most notably for the San Francisco Bay Area based Alternative Power/Pop band Overcurve from 1996 to 2005. Overcurve released two albums that can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other music resellers.

Doug has also recorded or performed with the following artist as well: 

Norrin Radd, Dreamfield  ,Vic Soricio, 7th City, Ashia, Sleepless J, Silverado Band, Sister Midnight, Fleeting Trance, and has performed many shows and venues as a guest drummer.